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Sassoon Salon event!

23 Jun

So tonight was the Sassoon Salon event with 14 lucky ladies of the Citysearch crew, plus the little lady who made it all happen – Christine! Couldn’t have dreamed of a better event, esp. after a long day of work. Once we stepped in the doors of the salon we were warmly welcomed and immediately sent over to 2 different hair professionals, 1 color expert and 1 stylist, who gave us top-notch recommendations on how to get the most luscious locks to boot. Then we got the works – a relaxing wash including a deep conditioning mask (so perfect for de-frizzing during these humid days), then 15 minutes under their high-tech heating fans, and finally a blow-dry and flattening/curling (your choice) session fit for a princess. Not to mention while we were getting pampered and primped we were fed some delicious grubs from the wonderful City Table and a slew of Karlsson’s Vodka cocktail options. Hayo! Alright alright, let’s get on with the (picture) show, shall we?

Snacks from City Table. Clockwise from the left: chips with a tuna tartare mixed with cucumber, avocado, papaya, & soy lime dressing; grilled pita with a whipped feta & roasted peppers dip (my favorite, yum); and a bruschetta with chopped tomatoes, mushrooms & olives. So good!

Adorable bartender, offering some tasty Karlsson’s vodka cocktail options (daiquiri ftw)

Getting our hair did, ooo la la 🙂

Elizabeth loving her hair treatment. Get ’em gurl!
Elizabeth, Surekha & I showing off our new dos, hayo!
Group shot! Nothing better than the perks of being a Citysearch dictator 🙂

Afterwards, a select few of us decided these hot looks shouldn’t go to waste, so we hit up the bar at the ever swanky Bistro du Midi to sip on some delicious dranks and munch on some fine looking bites.

The lovely Christine, party planner/host extraordinaire!  😉
Three pairs of fried bites: pancetta & swiss chard; goats cheese & honey; and chicken liver & foie gras

Oysters marinated with apple, fennel & pepper mignonette (some of the best oysters I’ve ever had, mmm)

Julie taking her first ever oyster shot! Go gurl

And that’s what I call a real classy night on the town. Love this little Citysearch family we’ve got going on here! And a special thanks once more to all the gracious hosts of the night who made this all possible! I seriously recommend each place mentioned in this post to everyone. Spread the good word, people!


Guest Chef Joanne Chang @ Central Bottle

22 Jun

Oh yes, another wonderful Citysearch free event that combines 2 of some of my favorite things in life: pastries & wine!

Tonight was a special pre-restaurant opening party hosted by the grand chef herself – Joanne Chang of Flour (also of Myers+Cang). The Cambridge location will be the 3rd Flour opening, so a big congrats to that adorable little lady! The party was held at the ultra chic Central Bottle Wine shop, which is where we were wined & dined before taking a tour of the new Flour space. Pics up!

Outside Central Bottle. Love giant open window space, perfect for summer sippings.
Swishin’ the vino


Dish #1 – smoked turkey, vermont cheddar, cranberry chutney

Dish #2 – vegetarian pizza (mushroom, ricotta, spinach)
Dish #3 (fave) – tart & coconut+chocolate chip cookie
Now, having had the pleasure of dining w/@FreeFoodBoston & @certaincharms, you know we don’t quit on just a couple of tinny little pastries. Luckily for us, Nick and all the other servers were so sweet (no pun intended) enough to let us have seconds…and thirds….and about 12 take home goodies.

Work it out guys!

The overall food spread, not too shabby

Then before we left we headed over next door to get a special sneak-peak tour, guided by Joanne herself:

Love the chalkboard themed wall decor.

Joanne giving the tour to her super cute new space. I’ll have to come back for the infamous Sticky Buns, you know, the ones that beat Bobby Flay in his own Throwdown :d

A fun filled evening for sure! Be sure to check out the new Flour 3 space in Cambridge (officially opens this Friday) and be sure to say hi to Joanne if you see her! Then grab a bottle (or 3) next door at Central Bottle. Happy taste pallets for all 🙂

Stuff Magazine “Food Issue” Party @ Pairings, sponsored by DonQ rum

15 Jun

So tonight was the Stuff Magazine’s “Food Issue” Party, hosted by/at Pairings at Park Plaza in Boston and sponsored by DonQ rum. Typical Stuff mag event, so here’s the part where I recap the rest of the night’s with just photos to do the explaining 🙂

mushrooms/shredded pork w/mashed potatoes stuffed sesame cones. extremely unique, & pretty tasty.

asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. i just love asparagus.

cheese & crackers + bread & olive spread + a random chicken wing plate. yay to the giant assorted cheese, nay to the olive spread

cheese buffet, wut wut!

assorted DonQ cocktails. the flavored mojitos were the best hands down, however…

uhmmm, enough fruit & ice there? is there any alcohol in this thing? also this is a blueberry mojito, even though I asked for blackberry (my first one was really good, so I wanted a refill). and that is clearly not even a mojito glass…

Really, by the end of the night they upped the bar staff from 3 to a grand total of 5…of the slowest bartenders ever. One of my friends commented on how one of the bartenders looked like he was just pulled aside for extra help with absolutely no training. But hey, what can you expect when it’s open bar for 2 hrs? Madness!

So overall, it was a good night specifically because I was in good company. And the photogs took a great snap of us (photo cred: Pairings Photographer)  😉

All in all a big thank you again to Stuff Mag, Pairings, & DonQ rum for hosting!

Alibi Bar & Lounge Patio Party

8 Jun

Another Citysearch dictator party with all the diggs! Turned out to be the most perfect evening for an outdoor patio party, and the Alibi Bar & Lounge, located in the ever swanky Liberty Hotel, does not fail to impress. Looooved the set up – vibrant oranges that scream summer for the comfiest lounge area ever. The pictures say the rest:

the “Jailbait” cocktail + some nom worthy appetizer plates

our reserved section, cause us dictators are swanky like that

Scampo caprese salads & pizzas, so good

truffled polenta fries in the back, but all I could see were Jenga fries

and the goods just keep on comin’!

Overall such a fabulous time, and a place I definitely see myself coming back to throughout the summer. I especially can’t wait for their “Lemonade Stand,” which will be a special concoction of lemon based cocktails for a fun adult twist to the perfect summertime kid’s drink. Simply delicious 🙂

ArtBar Launch Party

13 May

Offered as another Citysearch provided event, how could I turn down this description? – “Join us for the grand opening of ArtBar patio, as we celebrate the return of warm weather to Boston. Enjoy the fresh air and the city’s best view while sampling items from our award-winning tasting menu and our signature cocktails.” It certainly turned out to be a much bigger success that I even imagined thanks to the cooperating weather, lovely location (inside the swanky Royal Sonesta), and people ready to mingle/toast to what turned out to be perfect evening for a patio party.

delicious glazed wings & veggie dip

creme brulee with mixed fruits (the perfect portion of sweet & tart)

chocolate trifle w/moistened black cherries

signature peach daiquiris

tiniest kobe beef burger sample, so cute!

All in all a really successful & bustling event. Tons of food & drink to keep people happy, what more could you ask for? Definitely recommend checking out their Cambridge location, especially for summer luncheons on their patio. Happy fooding!

StyleFixx Boston

12 May

Thanks to the lovely people behind Citysearch (Christine, mainly!), I won the Twitter contest for 2 free VIP tickets to StyleFixx Boston. An incredibly successful night overall. Held at the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA), it was spacious enough to hold the huge crowd of women swarming over designer/boutique clothing lines, handbag stands, make-up  stands, and most importantly for me the jewelry and food/drink stands. Yup!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries from A Chocolate Dip

Yeah, a little obsessed with these ring stands! Wanted me some bling in every color.

Free make-overs Motives Cosmetics & hair styling (not shown in pics here) from Enzo Milano

Huge crowd of shoppers, but again a great place to hold the event.

5 free drink tickets for the night? Yessir, I propped myself right here for a good portion of the night.

The swag bags were even more packed than I imagined, but my tops picks were definitely the free Finale & Mumbai Chopstix gift cards, & then the 70 free music download cards.

Again, the event was a huge success, with so many more brands/products/services that I could spend entirely too long listing off, so hopefully this slew of pictures says enough. Ladies – get in on this!

B&G Oyster Invitational

2 May

Thanks to the love Citysearch Boston Facebook contest, I won 2 free tickets (worth $130) to B&G restaurant’s Oyster Invitational! For those unfamiliar with the event, it’s basically a giant cook-out/shuck off that has everything to do with oysters (and other seafood as well) from various, local and top-notch restaurants. The weather was clear skies and sun all day, which made the 80% outdoor event all the most appealing.

forget where these were from but they got my friend’s #1 vote; the best selling point for me were the mini samples of Narragansett they offered along with your oysters

Sel De La Terre oysters got my #1 vote! delicious & lovely presentation

grilled corn, potatoes, & my first time trying grilled lobster (more slimy than usual, surprisingly)

this bad boy was huuuuge, just chillin’ in his cooler before getting cooked up (sorry lobster!)

& all the party people

Great day/event overall, with a huge turn out. Hopefully I’ll be back to B&G sometime over the summer to try out their real meal menu, because just reading it over sounds like seafood heaven. Happy fooding!