Sassoon Salon event!

23 Jun

So tonight was the Sassoon Salon event with 14 lucky ladies of the Citysearch crew, plus the little lady who made it all happen – Christine! Couldn’t have dreamed of a better event, esp. after a long day of work. Once we stepped in the doors of the salon we were warmly welcomed and immediately sent over to 2 different hair professionals, 1 color expert and 1 stylist, who gave us top-notch recommendations on how to get the most luscious locks to boot. Then we got the works – a relaxing wash including a deep conditioning mask (so perfect for de-frizzing during these humid days), then 15 minutes under their high-tech heating fans, and finally a blow-dry and flattening/curling (your choice) session fit for a princess. Not to mention while we were getting pampered and primped we were fed some delicious grubs from the wonderful City Table and a slew of Karlsson’s Vodka cocktail options. Hayo! Alright alright, let’s get on with the (picture) show, shall we?

Snacks from City Table. Clockwise from the left: chips with a tuna tartare mixed with cucumber, avocado, papaya, & soy lime dressing; grilled pita with a whipped feta & roasted peppers dip (my favorite, yum); and a bruschetta with chopped tomatoes, mushrooms & olives. So good!

Adorable bartender, offering some tasty Karlsson’s vodka cocktail options (daiquiri ftw)

Getting our hair did, ooo la la 🙂

Elizabeth loving her hair treatment. Get ’em gurl!
Elizabeth, Surekha & I showing off our new dos, hayo!
Group shot! Nothing better than the perks of being a Citysearch dictator 🙂

Afterwards, a select few of us decided these hot looks shouldn’t go to waste, so we hit up the bar at the ever swanky Bistro du Midi to sip on some delicious dranks and munch on some fine looking bites.

The lovely Christine, party planner/host extraordinaire!  😉
Three pairs of fried bites: pancetta & swiss chard; goats cheese & honey; and chicken liver & foie gras

Oysters marinated with apple, fennel & pepper mignonette (some of the best oysters I’ve ever had, mmm)

Julie taking her first ever oyster shot! Go gurl

And that’s what I call a real classy night on the town. Love this little Citysearch family we’ve got going on here! And a special thanks once more to all the gracious hosts of the night who made this all possible! I seriously recommend each place mentioned in this post to everyone. Spread the good word, people!


One Response to “Sassoon Salon event!”

  1. Elizabeth June 30, 2010 at 10:08 am #

    Some fine lookin ladies right there. But seriously, food and cocktails WHILE getting pampered? Pretty awesome.

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