Stuff Magazine “Food Issue” Party @ Pairings, sponsored by DonQ rum

15 Jun

So tonight was the Stuff Magazine’s “Food Issue” Party, hosted by/at Pairings at Park Plaza in Boston and sponsored by DonQ rum. Typical Stuff mag event, so here’s the part where I recap the rest of the night’s with just photos to do the explaining 🙂

mushrooms/shredded pork w/mashed potatoes stuffed sesame cones. extremely unique, & pretty tasty.

asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. i just love asparagus.

cheese & crackers + bread & olive spread + a random chicken wing plate. yay to the giant assorted cheese, nay to the olive spread

cheese buffet, wut wut!

assorted DonQ cocktails. the flavored mojitos were the best hands down, however…

uhmmm, enough fruit & ice there? is there any alcohol in this thing? also this is a blueberry mojito, even though I asked for blackberry (my first one was really good, so I wanted a refill). and that is clearly not even a mojito glass…

Really, by the end of the night they upped the bar staff from 3 to a grand total of 5…of the slowest bartenders ever. One of my friends commented on how one of the bartenders looked like he was just pulled aside for extra help with absolutely no training. But hey, what can you expect when it’s open bar for 2 hrs? Madness!

So overall, it was a good night specifically because I was in good company. And the photogs took a great snap of us (photo cred: Pairings Photographer)  😉

All in all a big thank you again to Stuff Mag, Pairings, & DonQ rum for hosting!


One Response to “Stuff Magazine “Food Issue” Party @ Pairings, sponsored by DonQ rum”

  1. Elizabeth June 25, 2010 at 7:52 am #

    That cheese spread is out of control!!

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