B&G Oyster Invitational

2 May

Thanks to the love Citysearch Boston Facebook contest, I won 2 free tickets (worth $130) to B&G restaurant’s Oyster Invitational! For those unfamiliar with the event, it’s basically a giant cook-out/shuck off that has everything to do with oysters (and other seafood as well) from various, local and top-notch restaurants. The weather was clear skies and sun all day, which made the 80% outdoor event all the most appealing.

forget where these were from but they got my friend’s #1 vote; the best selling point for me were the mini samples of Narragansett they offered along with your oysters

Sel De La Terre oysters got my #1 vote! delicious & lovely presentation

grilled corn, potatoes, & my first time trying grilled lobster (more slimy than usual, surprisingly)

this bad boy was huuuuge, just chillin’ in his cooler before getting cooked up (sorry lobster!)

& all the party people

Great day/event overall, with a huge turn out. Hopefully I’ll be back to B&G sometime over the summer to try out their real meal menu, because just reading it over sounds like seafood heaven. Happy fooding!


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